The soundtrack of your soul

Music Reflection Session-Soundtrack of your Soul

Music as a mirror for awareness and transformation

How would it be to hear the music that reflects who you truly are, in the highest form possible? That makes you unique. The Sountrack of your soul.
Every person is unique and every situation in a lifetime is unique. I intuitively hear the music that makes you unique and play it on piano. The sounds needed to free up and transform everything move around. By listening to it, you become aware of who you are deep and you come into a deep relaxation, coming home in yourself.

And this will also maks you aware of parts within yourself with which you have less contact. The music supports you to come back into deep contact with your heart and soul and express your full potential. Everything that stops you to live that full potential is transformed. The best thing is that you can receive all this in one while you relax.

Your piano soundtrack will be recorded and you will get it on a nice printed CD or a high quality MP3. This music can help you in times when you need it. For example to relax or to break through blockades. It’s your unique music and there’s no other CD in the world that contains this music. A personal gift for yourself!

Practical information about a session

  • A Piano soundtrack session is individually
  • During the session you sit/lie in a relaxing armchair.
  • In practice I play on an acoustic piano. On location This can also be a digital piano.
  • The duration of a session is always about an hour or more. You can then choose 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes of live music.
  • After the music/concert you get a personal interpretation (reading) from me.
  • The music recording is burned to CD with your name and date on it


Investment in yourself or another:

A personal session always takes about an hour or more. In that session you receive personal music of a certain length (20, 30, 45, 60 minutes of music) and also an interpretation of that music. And of course your own personal CD to take home with you.


  • 20 minutes Personal music: €55.00 (Session lasts 50 min. including interpretation and CD recording)
  • 30 minutes Personal music: €85.00 (Session takes 1 hour incl. interpretation and CD recording)
  • 45 minutes Personal music: €125.00 (Session takes 1 hour and fifteen minutes incl. interpretation and CD recording)
  • 1 hour personal music: €155.00 (Session lasts 1.5 hours and fifteen minutes incl. interpretation and CD recording)
  • Human Design Reading Advance €25,-

Book a session of your choice directly by clicking here. You then go to the webshop to order.


Gift certificate


Order a gift voucher to make a piano soundtrack concert gift to a loved person or a couple (ideal wedding gift). Go to the webshop to order directly.

Payment via PGB is possible.

Customers about their soundtrack concert:

  • “Enchantingly Beautiful was Roger’s piano playing that brought me into deep trance.” Wonderful how our ‘ interplay ‘ was. My soul inspired his soul which had a vibrating effect on my entire body. The sounds took me on a journey and in depth I found myself. What a rest and everything is good as it is. Delicious. What a relaxation! Nice to be able to listen back to the CD and very special that it was made for me only. The imprint of my soul. Beautiful! This should give a gift to anyone who is actively engaged in awareness. You immerse yourself in the warmth and love of your own soul. Encouraging for the rest of your path. What a wealth. Thank Roger that you have facilitated this. It’s a gift! ”
  • “Wow the soundtrack of my soul was a special experience that I don’t forget quickly. The beautiful clear sounds of the piano that were attuned to my soul came in all the way. The session was complete by the quiet and clear explanation of Roger about my soul and his musical attunement. And the fine thing is that now, at home, on CD, this musical journey is often re-experience, something that makes my soul very happy!Betty
  • I look back on a wonderful session at Roger. I was touched by the beautiful sounds during the session, it made me quiet and I felt relaxed. I was
    Luckily I have the session on CD to listen once more and I like to do it with the same effect as in the session. I am delighted that I have awarded this gift! For me an unforgettable experience with a lasting reminder!
  • A warm bath, a cocoon to recharge. That’s how my session felt at Roger He has a warm open personality that quickly puts you at ease. After the session I bought the recording to enjoy it at home, and when I set up the music I can turn back into myself. And that’s a gift in my hectic life.
  • “A Piece of my soul. My best friend Daphne and I have given each other as presents for our birthdays a personal piano concert of the talented Roger Spees, intuitive Pianist. It turned out to be the best birthday presents we have ever received.

    Roger Spees has the extraordinary gift of being able to look deeply into your soul and to translate it instantly in music. According to his own words, he did not do anything special: The souls inspired the music to flow out of his fingers and he himself listened to it with wonder.

    Daphne is a very strong and positive person, which was translated perfectly in her piece of music. My song is soft and melancholic as a warm summer rain, but with happy notes in the end. After Rain comes sunshine.

    For 30 minutes, I sat on a comfortable couch with the sweetest cat sleeping on my lap, while my whole life story passed me by in music, with all its ups and downs, triumphs and lesser moments.

    It was mesmerizing to hear how another person is able to perceive your deepest emotions and vulnerabilities and translate them into the most beautiful sounds.

    Sometimes the music brought tears to my eyes, because it reminded me of the most memorable and happy moments in my life. Other Times I recognized the gradual transformation of the mud into lotus flowers.

    It was pure magic! ”

    -Ahn Thu-

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